Although the hemoglobin polymorphism has been reported in European, American, African and Indian breeds of cattle, however this study is the first one which reports haemoglobin phenotype in Iranian breed of cattle. For electrophoretic determination of Hb phenotypes in adult Iranian breeds of Cattle, 147 blood samples, including 48 Samples from adult Sistani breed, 45 samples from adult sarabi breed and 55 samples from adult Golpayegani breed were collected. Hb concentration was quantified by cyanomethahemoglobin method, then different phenotypes of Hb were determined on cellulose acetate electrophoresis, the percentage and concentration of different types of Hb was measured by densitometery method. The following results obtained from electrophoretic determination of Hb in adult Iranian breeds of cattle, which being reported for the first time in Iran. 1) In adult Sistani breed phenotypes including A2AB with incidence of 50%, A2A with incidence of 41.47% and A2B with incidence of 8.3 3% were identified. 2) In adult Golpayegani breed two phenotypes including A2AB with incidence of 29.63%, and A2A with incidence of 70.37% were observed. 3) In adult Sistani breed only one phenotype (A) was identified. 4) One of the most important finding in the present research, which is being reported for the first time, is the observation of Hb A2, which is likely to be a special characteristic of Sistani and Golpayegani breeds of cattle. 5) Since there is only one phenotype of Hb, (HbA), in adult Sarabi breed, we can use this specific character in determination of breed originally of

Sarabi cattle. 6) Regardless of the effects of age, sex, breed and different phenotypes, means (±SE) of total Hb concentration, percentage and concentration of different types of Hb in 147 blood samples obtained from adult Iranian breeds of cattle are as follows. Total Hb concentration:
12.27±0.015(gr/dl); HbA2% 1.27±0.09; HbA% 83.13±2.09; HbB% 15.48±2.07, HbA2 concentration: 0.23±0.27 gr/dl), HbA concentation: 10.09±0.27 (gr/dl), and HbB concentration: 2.01 ±0.27(gr/d 1).