Objective: Evaluation of primers designed due to the serovar specific 1S200 copy for detecting Salmonella abortusovis strains isolated in Iran.
Design: Observational study.
Samples: Ninety seven Salmonella abortusovis strains.
Procedure: PCR amplification was carried out by serovar specific primers and different strains according to PCR results were studied by 1S200 fingerprinting analysis.
Results: All strains could be classified in 2 distinct genotypes by 2 kb and 900 bp amplicons in PCR amplification. These two genotypes were related to two different profiles with 11 and 9 kb band respectively in 1S200 fingerprinting.
Conclusion: PCR amplification by serovar specific primers was capable of grouping the strains in 2 major genotypic patterns. J.Fac.Vet.Med. Univ. Tehran. 60,3:283-286,2005.