Objective: To study the progesterone concentration during different months of pregnancy in buffalo.
Design: Case control.
Animals: Buffalo in different months of pregnancy
Procedures: blood samples were taken from 6 -8 herds of bufalo in different months of pregnancy. After preparing the sera, progesterone concentrations measured by RIA.
Statistical analysis: One - way ANOVA.
Results: The maximum and minimum concentrations of progesterone were in the second and tenth month of gestation, respectively. Studing of the concentration of this hormone during the three period of gestation (early, middle and end) indicates that it’s level is decreasing by progressing of pregnancy.
Clinical implications: Different months of pregnancy can be diagnosed by identification of progesterone concentrations, and the time close to parturation or even parturation time can be identified by this method.
J.Fac. Vet.Med. Univ. Tehran. 60,3:299-300,2005.