Objective: To study the effect of oxytocin injection and
also oxytocin plus lunging on intrauterine fluid reduction
and conception rate in mares with intrauterine fluid
accumulation. Design: Experimental study.
Animal: A total of 45 mares, 8-14 years old.
Procedure: Among the mares in foal heat, 45 mares with
more than 1 cm2 fluid in their uterus (evaluated by
ultrasonography) were selected and categorized randomly
in 3 groups as follow: Group 1: Without treatment
(control). N=17. Group 2: Oxytocin injection (15 iu, IV),
one daily, up to the end of foal heat (first injection on the 2’nd day of foal heat). N=14. Group 3: Treatment as group 2
plus lunging for 20-30 minutes, initiated 60 minutes after
oxytocin injection (to evaluate the effect of lunging in
association with oxytocin on uterine drainage). N=14
Results: Reduction of uterine fluid after treatment was
71.4% and 98.9% in group 2 and 3 respectively compared
with 17.6% in control group (P<0.05). The total conception rate in 3 groups with uterine fluid less than 1 cm2 (61.5%)
was significantly more than the total one in 3 groups with
uterine fluid> 1 cm2 (26.3%) (P<0.05).
Conclusion: Lunging and or oxytocin injection in mares
with intrauterine fluid accumulation in foal heat can
improve conception rate in next estrus.
J.Fac. Vet.Med. Univ. Tehran.60, 2:167-1 72, 2005.