Abstract: The aim of the present study was to determine the normal ultrasonographic features of mammary gland and teat parameters in lactating camels. For this study, udders of the ten camels obtained from the local slaughterhouse. B-mode ultrasonographic examination of the udders in the water-bath by 6.5-8.5 MHz linear array transducer was performed. Normal sonographic findings were described and teat canal length, teat end width,
teat wall thickness, teat cistern width and middle cistern wall thickness were also measured. Results were analyzed by Paired sample t-test. In the lactating camels, the streak canal, teat sinus, gland sinus and lactiferous ducts were imaged easily. The teat wall could be divided into 3 layers, including a hyperechoic outer layer, a hypoechoic thicker middle layer and a
less hyperechoic inner layer. The intercisternal wall of each teat could be divided into 3 layers: two thin hyperechoic outer layers and a thicker hypoechoic middle layer. The B-mode ultrasonography technique as described in this study seems to be reliable for determining the anatomic features of the udder and measuring of the teat parameters of the camel. J.Vet.Res.62,2:27-31,2007.