The aim of the present study was determination of reference values of blood serum enzymes of Huso huso. Descriptive study. 18 male and 18 female Huso huso was studied. Blood samples were obtained from caudal vein of 18 males and 18 females and the levels of enzymes were measured by an autoanalyzer. Parametric t- test and Pearson correlation test. Results of measurements for total samples are as follows: Asparat amino transferase (AST)=290/27±60/29 IU/L, Alanine amino transferase (ALT)=6/06±1/14 IU/L, Alkanine phosphatase (ALP)=76/13±13/54 IU/L, Lactate dehyrogenase (LDH)=2083/05±495/18 IU/L, Creatine phosphokinase (CK)=6724/85±2079/29 IU/L, Acid phosphatase (ACP)=16/76±2/53 IU/L, Obtained results showed, based on t- student statistical method used for the 6 enzyme that there is not any significant difference among male and female fishes. Also in pearson correlation test, there could neither be found any correlation among the 6 enzymes which were studied, nor any correlation among the male and female fishes.