Immunogenicity of Echinococcus granulosus different antigens for determination of suitabhe antigen for production of hydatid cyst vaccine compared.Data analysis by one way Cocran and student-test was showed significant difference in optical density between the groups were injected with antigens and the control groups. The most optical density is in the groups were injected by mix of oncosphere and protoscolex and the lowest is in the groups were injected by protoscolex (p<0.05). Furthermore, in pathology study, there was not any cyst in injected groups, but in control groups high number and big fertile cysts were founded. The level of protection with antigens of protoscolexes, onchospheres and mix of them were, 50.2,72 and 82% respectively. Vacination by a mix of oncosphere and protoscolex was considerably more effective than each one individually and prevented the hnfection of hydatid cyst with confidence level of 95% (p<0.05). So these antigens can produce a suitable immune response and can use for production of vaccine against hydatid cyst.