Abstract: Artificial insemination (AI) is a selective method which has been used in commercial rabbitries and for research purposes. The results of pregnancy rates were observed here which were comparable with natural mating. This experiment is conducted to provide the potentials of AI in the breeding center and also to compare this technique with on going natural mating method. One hundred sexually matured Dutch does were randomly divided into two equal groups. Does from experimental group were inseminated with diluted fresh semen and single dose of 0.2 ml of GnRH analog (Receptal) to each/doe was immediately injected intramuscularly. Does of control group were naturally mated with mature Dutch bucks. The environmental conditions were same in the both groups. The results of study showed that the 62% of does in control group had developed pregnancy where as in AI group 60% were pregnant. This result indicates the conception rate is similar in both groups and differences are not statistically significant.
Key words: pregnancy, artificial insemination, rabbit.