Abstract: In a serological survey to investigate the prevalence of leptospiral infection in goats in Ahvaz, blood samples were taken from 172 female goats. They were initially screened at serum dilution of 1: 100 against six live antigens of leptospira interorgans serovar pomona, canicola, hardjo, ballum, icterohemorrhagiae, and grippotyphosa using the microscopic agglutination test (MAT) and samples were considered positive, if 50% or more of agglutination of leptospires in a dilution of l: 100 or greater was found. Sera with positive results were titrated against reacting antigens in serial twofold dilution from l:100 to 1:1600.Antibodies against one or more serovars were detected in 18 (10.46%) sera at dilution “| 1: 100. Antibodies against more than one serovar were found in 5 (27.77%) positive sera. Antibodies were most frequent to serovar grippotyphosa (39.13%) followed by in descending, canicola (26.80%), pomona (21.72%), icterohemorrhagiae (8.69%) and hardjo (4.34%).
Key words: Leptospirosis, goat, Ahvaz.