Abstract: Babesiosis is the only intraerythrocytic parasitic disease that affects horses. Signs include fever, depression, anorexia, weakness, ataxia, lacrimation, mucoid nasal discharge, icterus and hemoglobinuria. Death may occur within 48 hours or chronic cases may persist for months. In May 2001, a three year old cross-bred mare was referred to the veterinary teaching hospital of Kerman university, with anorexia and depression for five days and jaundice in conjunctiva. Hematological examination revealed a PCV of 40.In the blood smear, Babesia equi was observed and typified. Treatment was performed by Imizol (4mg/kg, im) for three days. The animal got better and vital signs were normal after completion of the treatment. The mucous membrane was completely normal and the appetite was normal as well.
Key words: babesiosis, horse, Imizol, icterus