This prospective longitudinal study deals with the associations between digital disorders and reproduction indices in dairy cattle on a farm in the vicinity of Tehran. It was carried out on 225 postparturient Holstein heifers. The evaluation of lameness due to digital disorders on postpartum period of heifers were done and after diagnosis of lameness (based on a 5 points lameness scoring system), the digital lesions and reproduction data of lame cows were recorded in a pre-established questionnaire and comparison with reproduction indices of other healthy heifers were made statistically using Chi Square and Student “t” tests and the relative risk “R.R.” for each of indices was calculated and 95% confidence interval was made. Seventy-six cows among 225 cows were diagnosed lame in the period of study (30 months). Digital dermatitis (28.9%) and Sole ulcer (21.2%) were the most prevalent lesions. All reproduction indices in this study including Projected minimum average days open, Days to first service, Projected minimum calving