Brucellosis is a major public health concern in Iranian city of Jiroft. The aim of the present study was to investigate Brucellosis is one the most important contagions diseases which both human 9 animals suher from. and achieve ways to prevent or reduce its prevalence in Jiroft aoty in sautheust Iran localed in kerman province this disease, a sample of 1000 cows were surveyed in the region. First, taking to account animal population density, sample sizes were first determined for four different part of the region central part, Anbarabad jehalbares and sardueye. Then, dispersion of the herds together with the population density in each part were considered for random selection of sample villages, specified sampling areas in the village, and relevant number of cows in each area. The selected animals were bled in their cervical vein using syringe, alcohol and absorbent cotton. The Rose Bengal test was then performed on prepared serums followed by a Wright and 2ME test on the positive and/or doubtful samples. The findings together with the viewpoints of 338 ranchers revealed that Sardueyeh is the main infected areas in the region from where the disease is dispersed to the other places.sardueyeh has the hiyhest contamination rate(11.37%) in the region. The Central part, Anbarabad and Jebalbares has contamination rates of 5.33%,2.04% and 0.38% respectively. Moreover, we showel that summer movement of the animals to the cold area of Sardueyeh and their winter return is recognized to be the main reason for distributing the infection to the warm regions.