The fundamental elements of nature, namely earth, water, air and sunshine should be in a healthy state, well balanced with the criteria of equilibrium and untainted so that the environment would remain pleasant and lively. Hence, there will be plant, animal and human in a existential balance. Man himself is the major polluter and destructor of environment. The environment, in turn, is a large collection of elements and a variety of active and reactive factors, developed and evolved for millions of years. As we are witnessing, any disturbance and destruction of nature has unrepiarable and harmful consequences. The protection of environment from man's disturbance calls for formulating appropriate regulations and rules and their right and timely enforcement. Yet, it is more important to cultivate the protection of environment in each and every individual including the laypeople and authorities. If we do not believe in what we are doing, we will fail to do what we are obliged to do. In the Holy Quran, frequent mentions have been made of the prostration of the earth, heaven, mountains, plants, animals and whatever exists in the universe. A type of spirit and expressiveness exists in everything. In other words, the secret of life is hidden in the living and the lifeless. Be it as it may, we should not disturb and destroy none of these things, neither should we find theoretical or artificial justification for the destruction of environment. Otherwise, we will disappoint the present and future generations, and will be responsible for our deeds against the truth. Man continues to strive to make a better and more convenient life for himself and to develop faster vehicles. If these are down properly, they will be useful for him but exploiting the environment is often destructive.