Clostridium perfringens type A related enteritis: A case report in dogs



On June 2010 , inTehran province 7 out of 82 dogs in a kennel , showed clinical signs of enteritis which resulted in death (n=5) . Clinical findings were diarrhea, dysentery , fever, depression, neural sings and sudden death. Necropsy findings revealed hemorrhagic enteritis , catarrhal gasteritis , multifocal necrosis up to 0.5cm in diameter in cerebral cortex with hyperemia and hemorrhage. Necropsy was done on 4 cases and intestinal contentes were cultured to characterize Clostridium perfringens type using PCR. Rapid test antibody for parvovirus and distemper virus showed that 2 out of 4 puppies were positive against distemper virus. According to nonsup- purative encephalitis , gliosis, intranuclear inclusion bodies in astrocytes , packed cell volume, interstitial pneumonia and positive reaction to distemper virus it can be concluded that primary distemper disease has been followed by, hemorrhagic enteritis and diarrhea as a secondary infection to Clostridium perfringens type A .