Control and eradication program for bovine brucellosis in Iran: An epidemiological survey



BACKGROUND: Brucellosis is a zoonotic disease that is widely distributed throughout the developing countries. OBJECTIVES: The status of bovine brucellosis combating program in Iran from beginning to now was reviewed. METHODS: The information of 59 year combating against bovine brucellosis were obtained from Iran Veterinary Organization. RESULTS: Bovine brucellosis was first recognized in 1944 in Iran and is now endemic. In 1949, a bovine brucellosis combating program was setup which included vaccination of female calves with strain S19/RB51, infection diagnostic testing and slaughtering the infected cattle. Prevalence of brucellosis among industrial and semi-industrial dairy cattle calculated as 0.3%. CONCLUSIONS: Controlling and prevention of bovine brucellosis is far more complex than vaccination, testing and slaughtering the infected livestock. A financially well- supported control and eradication program and joint efforts between the farmers and governmental authorities are needed as a mean to prevent the spreading of disease. Without these, even a very good strategy will fail.