A radiographic study on closure time of the fore and hind limbs growth plates in Rayeni goat



BACKGROUND: Raeini goat is one of the goat races which is found in Kerman province and many neighboring provinces. This goat produces soft wool with good quality and holds and even higher ranking than other goat breeds based on production of milk and meat, whereas there is no basic radiologic information about this race. OBJECTIVES: Determination of basic information about the radiographic of anterior and posterior limbs in Raeini goat. METHODS: To study close time of growth plate in anterior limbs, 12 head of raeini soft wool goats (6 male, 6 female) and the same number for posterior limbs were selected from the goats that were present in the animal husbandries college in Kerman University and had grown under equal nourishment . They were selected from 10 days after their birth until the growth plates of anterior, posterior and back bones were closed. RESULTS: Most of the growth plates in the forelimbs (anterior) in females in the 13th month and in males in the 16th month were closed; closure time of growth plates for hind limbs (posterior) in females was in the 16th month and 14th month respectively. CONCLUSIONS: It is possible that early closure of the growth plates in the race of short stature in this breed is justified.