A survey on Otolithes ruber fish infection to metazoan parasites in the Persian Gulf



Background: Parasites are ubiquitous on teleost fish and because of their various effects on host behavior, growth, fecundity and mortality should not be neglected. Objectives: The aim of this study was identification of metazoan parasites on Otolithes ruber in the northwest of Qeshm Island. Methods: A total of 72 specimens were caught from the northwest of Qeshm Island in summer 2008 and winter 2009 by bottom trawl and were immediately deep frozen. All samples were transferred to laboratory and after measuring fish weight and length, parasitological survey was implemented by stereo and light microscopes on gills, skin, fins and internal organs. Results: Separated parasites were: Monogenea: Diplectanum sp., Murraytrema sp. and Monoplectanum sp., Digenea: Pleorchis sp., Stephanostomum sp., Erilepturus sp., Nematoda: Philometra sp., Cucullanus sp. and Copepod: Brachiella sp. Conclusions: All mentioned parasites in this study are reported for the first time in Iran from Otolithes ruber except Philometra sp., and Otolithes ruber are introduced as a new host for Monoplectanum sp., Brachiella sp.