Effect of dietary supplementation by synbiotic and different zinc sources on broiler chicken performance, immune system and intestinal morphology


1 Department of Animal Sciences, Ardebil Province Research Center of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ardebil-Iran

2 Department of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Tabriz University, Tabriz-Iran


BACKGROUND: Use of synbiotic and zinc sources had synergetic effects on broiler chickens performance and immune response improvements. OBJECTIVES: This experiment was carried out to evaluate the effect of synbiotic and zinc sources on broiler chickens performance, immune response and gut morphology. METHODS: A total of 780, one-day old male broiler chicks were randomly assigned in factorial methods to 13 different experimental diets with 15 birds per replicate and 4 replicates per experimental diets for 7 weeks. The experimental diets contain unsupplemented basal diet and basal diets supplemented with varying concentrations of symbiotic (1-1.5g /kg of diets) and zinc oxide/Bioplex Zn (50-150mg/kg of the diets). RESULTS: In the unsupplemented basal diet weight gain was lower, feed intake and feed conversion ratio were greater than others (p<0.05). Antibody titer only in birds, fed on diets supplemented with synbiotic and zinc oxide (1.5 g of synbiotic/kg of the diets and Bioplex Zn 150 mg/kg of the diets) increased significantly (p<0.05). In duodenum the highest vili length was obtained in diet supplemented by 1.5 g synbiotic plus 150 mg /kg of diet and crypt depth in diets containing 1.5 g synbiotic/kg and 50-150 mg Bioplex Zn/ kg of diet significantly was lower than others (p<0.05).Villus in jejunum were affected of interaction effect of synbiotic and diet zinc level as in diet supplanted by 1.5 g synbiotic plus 150 mg Bioplex Zn /kg of diet were more than others and crypt depth only in diets supplemented whit 1.5 g  synbiotic plus 50-150 mg Bioplex Zn was lower than basal diet (p<0.05). Highest amount of villi  high/crypt depth ratio was observed in diets supplemented by 1.5g synbiotic plus 100-150 mg zinc oxide and 50-150 mg Bioplex Zn/ kg of diet(p<0.05). CONCLUSIONS: The best production efficiency factor was observed in diet containing 1g synbiotic plus 100 mg zinc oxide. Also supplementation of diet by 1.5 g synbiotic and 150 mg zinc oxide and Bioplex Zn had positive effects on immune response and gut morphological structure in broiler chickens.