The effect of detoxification of aflatoxin-contaminated corn grain using thyme aqueous extract on performance and total blood protein of Japanese quail


1 Department of Animal Sciences, University College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj-Iran

2 Department of Phytochemistry, Medicinal Plants and Drugs Research Institute, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran-Iran


BACKGROUND: In nature, there are herbal extracts, while capable of reducing aflatoxin B1 in agricultural product by different mechanisms, may also act as growth promoters. OBJECTIVES: In this study, aqueous extract of T. daenensis was evaluated to detoxify contaminated feed with aflatoxin B1 and to determine the effect of growth promoters in Japanese quail. METHODS: To this purpose, at 24 d of age, quails were separated by sex and 80 male quails were randomly divided into experimental units with equal weight and number. The dietary treatments were as follows: 1. basal diet (B), 2. B + AFB1 (500 mg/kg of feed), 3. B + aqueous extract of T. daenensis (2000 mg/kg of feed), 4. B + AFB1 (500 mg/kg of feed) + aqueous extract of T. daenensis (2000 mg/kg of feed). Feed intake, weight gain, feed conversion ratio and serum total protein were determined at day 45. RESULTS: The results showed that aflatoxin significantly decreased feed intake, body weight gain and total blood protein but increased FCR (p<0.05). The extract significantly increased feed intake and body weight gain, but decreased FCR (p<0.05). The extract did not have any effect on total blood protein. There was an interaction effect between aflatoxin and extract (p<0.05), so that feed intake, body weight gain, FCR and total blood protein were improved in birds offered diet with aflatoxin and extract. CONCLUSIONS: According to the study, the extract has improved the performance in birds and the negative effect of aflatoxin on performance was significantly decreased in birds offered diet with the extract.


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