Evaluation of abnormal heart sounds using phonocardiography and comparing them with echocardiographic findings in dog



BACKGROUND: One of the most important heart diseases in dogs is valvular insufficiency, which can be evaluated by diagnosis ways such as phonocardiography, echocardiography, etc. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the current study was to evaluate of valvular insufficiencies with phonocardiography and echocardiography and using phonocardiography technique in detection of cardiac valvular disease in practice. METHODS: This survey was done on 180 five-year-old dogs which 30 of them had valvular insufficiency. They have been referred to radiology section and echocardiography technique was used after listening to heart sounds and recording heart murmur and surveying by phonocardiography. The type and location of valvular insufficiency was diagnosed by phonocardiography and then echocardiography was used, the results from both techniques was compared afterwards. RESULTS: In all of these 30 dogs, murmur was systolic and mitral insufficiency and mitral regurgitation were diagnosed by phonocardiography. using echocardiography, the mitral insufficiency was confirmed in 28 dogs, one of them has been diagnosed to have tricuspid inssufiency and pulmonary stenosis in addition to mitral insufficiency. In two cases no abnormality sign has been detected. CONCLUSIONS: According to this study, it is recommended to use phonocardiography technique in order to pre-diagnose the valvular insufficiency, it's type and location and use echocardiography to determine the process of disease and control this progress.