The effect of melatonin on testicular circumference and semen characteristics in non-breeding season in Lori-Bakhtiari ram


1 Department of Animal Physiology, School of Animal and Food Science, Agriculture University of Ramin, Ahwaz- Iran

2 Department of Animal Sciences, School of Animal and Food Science, Agriculture University of Ramin, Ahwaz- Iran

3 Department of Clinical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, Lorestan University, Khorram Abad- Iran


BACKGROUND: This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of melatonin on semen quality and quantity changes and increase of reproductive efficiency in Lori-Bakhtiari ram in the non-reproductive season. OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of melatonin on testicular size and semen qualitative and quantitative changes in the non-breeding season is Lori-Bakhtiari rams. METHODS: This study was designed to evaluate the effects of melatonin on the quantity and quality of semen and testicular diameter in 8 Lori- Bakhtiari rams (4 control rams and 4 treatment rams) for 10 weeks during spring 2013. Each ram in the treatment group was received three tablets of 18 mg implantable melatonin subcutaneously at the base of ear after 5 weeks from the start of the trial. RESULTS: Semen parameters and testicular diameter measurements were evaluated on a weekly basis. No significant differences were observed between 2 groups before melatonin implanting. A significant difference was observed after melatonin implanting between 2 groups in the mean of testicular diameter (treatment: 33.5±0.25 and control: 30.67±0.07 cm), in semen volume (treatment: 1.34±0.03 and control: 0.87± 0.04 ml) and in sperm concentration (treatment: 1.76±0.05 and control: 1.37±0.04 109/ml) (p<0.05). However, other parameters including average of lives sperm percentage, total sperm motility, sperm progressive movement and percentage of abnormal sperm were not significant (p>0.05). CONCLUSIONS: The results of this experiment showed that the use of melatonin in the non-reproductive season resulted in increase of testicular size, semen volume and sperm concentration in Lori-Bakhtiari ram. However, the rest of the semen parameters have not been affected.


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