Effect of dietary inclusion level and particle size of barley hulls on intestinal morphology and bacteria population in broiler chickens


1 Department of Animal Science, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran

2 Department of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


BACKGROUND: The insoluble fiber content of poultry feeds is often considered as an unfavorable factor which reduces the nutritive value of diet. OBJECTIVES: The effects of barley hulls on performance traits of broiler chickens were evaluated. METHODS: The experiment was carried out using 200 Ross 308 broiler chickens in a completely randomized design with 5 treatments and 4 replicates. The experimental diets  consisted of a control hulls-free diet and four diets containing 0.75 or 1.5 percent barley hulls with particle sizes of less than 1 mm or between 1-2 mm. RESULTS: The dietary type did not affect feed intake of the experimental groups. In the whole the experimental period, the weight gain and feed conversion ratio in the broiler chickens feed, the diet that contained 1.5% barley hulls with 1-2 mm particle size improved compared to the control group (p<0.05). In the jejunum, fiber feeding resulted in an increased goblet cell number as compared to the control group (p<0.05). Unexpectedly, barley hulls feeding reduced the villi height compared to the control group (p<0.05). In jejunum the crypt depth in control birds was more than the treatment fed 1.5% barley hulls with less than 1 mm particle size (p<0.05). The ratio of crypt depth to villus height in control group was more than the birds fed the diet that contained 1.5% barley hulls with less than 1 mm particle size (p< 0.05). In ileum the chickens fed the control diet had more lactobacillus and less Escherichia coli than the majority of the treatment fed barley hulls. CONCLUSIONS: Inclusion of 1.5% barley hulls with particle size of 1-2 mm in diet improved performance traits of broiler chickens. On the other hand, using 1.5% barley hulls as a lignocelluloses source increased lactobacillus growth and reduced Escherichia coli population. This alteration in intestinal micro flora suggests a prebiotic effect for barley hulls in the gastrointestinal tract of broiler chickens.


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