Impact of Application of Natural Toxin Binder on Performance, Humoral Immune Response, Cecal Microbial Population and Chages in Small Intestine Mophology of Broilers Fed with Diet Contaminated with Aflatoxin B1

Document Type : Feed Safety


1Department of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Malayer University, Malayer, Iran


BACKGROUND: Aflatoxin contamination in animal and poultry and its carry over to human beings is important in causing different diseases like Hepatitis and Liver Cirrhosis and finding methods to lessen toxin adsorption in animal and poultry tissues has a direct impact on health of animal products. OBJECTIVES: Evaluating the impact of natural toxin binder in broilers contaminated with aflatoxin B1 on performance, immunity and morpholgy of intestine. METHODS: 400 day-old broiler chicks under 4 treatments, 5 replicates and 20 chicks per replicate in completely randomized design manner were studied for 42 days. Experimental treatments were: 1- negative control (basal diet with out aflatoxin contamination); 2- positive control (basal diet + 0.6 mg/kg aflatoxin B1; 3- basal diet along with 1g/kg natural toxin binder and 4- basal diet + 1g/kg natural toxin binder. RESULTS: Presence of aflatoxin in diet reduced all performance indexes significantly (p


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