Out of 150 carcases cultured 45 (%30/0) were contaminated on one to eight sites with Salmonella. Salmonella was isolated from 94 (%7/0)of 1350 samples examined. Out of these, 7 carcases(4/7%) were contaminated and 28 carcases (18/6%) belonged to infectious cattle or carrier states, and 10 carcases (6/6%) had both Salmonella contamination and infection. Salmonella was isolated from 94 (%7/0) of 1350 samples examined. 21 specimen (22/3%) related to contamination and the others (77/6%) belong to Salmonella infection. According to Kaffman - White Scheme, the isolates were among B, C1 and D1 serogroups. The public health implication of salmonellosis and the role of abattoirs in spreading or controlling infection are discussed.