In This study fifty one heads of adult and healthy buffalo were used. Longitudinal and cross serial section of this organ prepared and position of Vemeronasal Organ "VNO" in floor of nasal cavity with notice to palatine ridges were evaluated. The mean length of VNO in buffalo was 18.9 + 1.5cm which was initiated at incisive tubercle and terminated at the level of second premolar tooth. This organ is encapsulated with incomplete hyaline cartilage ring and maximum diameter of this ring was observed in middle one third of VNO length. In histological observation of the buffalo’s VNO, Four VNO were separated from the head of buffalos. After tissue processing the histological study of the organ has shown that the mucosal epithelium linning the lumen of th VNO were of two different kinds i. e. respiratory epithelim in the lateral wall and Olfactory (receptor) epithelium in the medial wall. Also there were an extensive vascular network and distribution of glands in the lamina propria of the respiratory portion rather than of olfactory part. The soft tissue components of VNO is surrounded by incomplete hyaline cartilage tube that is segmented at the end of this organ.