Experiments were carried out on 24 apparently healthy shall breed sheep in two sexes. CSF samples were obtained in lying position from Lumbosacral region and blood sample were taken from Vena cava. Some biochemical parameters were investigated by using automated laboratory method in CSF and serum. These parameters are cholestrol, try glyceried, BUN, Total bilirubin, direct bilirubin, indirect bilirubin, uric acid, glucose, creatinin total protein, AST. ALT, ALP and electrolytes Ca, P, Cl, Na and K. The result indicated that the value of all parameters in CSF is less than serum, except concentration of chlor that in CSF is more than serum P.<0.05. There are non significantly difference between concentration of BUN and creatinin in serum and CSF. There is nonsignificantly difference between two sexes in CSF and serum biochemical parameters except CSF total protein that its concentration in females is more than males P.<0.05. Value of cholestrol and total protein in females serum is more than value in males serum P.c0.05 and ALP activity in males serum is more than females serum