Volume & Issue: Volume 74, Issue 3, September 2019 
Apoptosis Genes Expression in Bovine Lymphocytes in Response to Fertile and Infertile Hydatid Cyst Fluid

Pages 312-320


Maryam Rahmani-Dehaghani; Sepideh Tolouei; Hossain Yousofi-darani; Mohamad Aliyan; zahra Ghayour-Najafabadi

Designing the Vertical Sieve Screening in Order for Recovery of Toxocara spp. Eggs From Soil Samples

Pages 330-336


Mohammad Zibaei; Saeed Bahadory; Seyed Mahmoud Sadjjadi; Aliehsan Heidari; Hamid Hosseini

Study on The Pathological Effects of Tobacco Extracts on Rainbow Trout Fry (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Pages 380-386


Abdolali Movahedinia; Mohsen Heydari; Saba Hosseini; Zeinab Yaqoubi; Zahra Amini; Elham Pourmaafi Esfahani

Determination of Some Minerals Concentration in The Blood of Dromedary Camels of Different Sexes and Physiological Status

Pages 428-436


Akbar Abarghani; Morteza Chaji; Hormoz Mansori; Morteza Mamouei; Khalil Mirzadeh; Hedayat alah Roshanfekr