Volume & Issue: Volume 61, Issue 1 - Serial Number 822096, March 2006, Pages 1-99 
Radiographic Report of Panosteitis in Dogs

Pages 29-32

Ali Reza Ghadidri; Reza Avizheh

Microbiological and Clinicopathological Studies on Bovine Arthritis in Iran

Pages 33-38

parvaneh khazrai; Mohammad Javad Gharagooslu; Saeed Nazifi; Jamal Najafi; Mohammad Hasani Tabatabaei; Parastoo Youssefi

Comparison of the Effect of Diminazen and Imidocarb in Experimentally Infected sh eep with Babesia ovis

Pages 43-46

Zohreh Khaki; Sadegh Rahbari; Mohammad Gholi Nadealian; Naser Alidadi; Javad Ashrafi Halan

Diagnosis of Clostridium Septicum Using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Pages 47-50

Mohammad Hemmati; Ahmad Morshedi; Ghasem Yosofbeigi; Mohsen Fathi Najafi

Detection of a Genetic Variation Within Foot-and- Mouth Disease Virus Type A Using Sequencing Analysis of VP1 Gene

Pages 57-61

Ali Asghar Bahari; Seyed Ali Ghorshi; Atfrid Marquardt; Taghi Taghipour Bazargani

Study on the Effects of Fish Oil Supplementation to Dairy Cow on Composition and Milk Yield

Pages 71-76

Masoud Haghighi; Masoud Omidi; Armaghan Dayani Dardashti; Hossein Ali Khoshbavar Rostami; Ali Salmani

A Pathological Study of Cryptosporidiosis in Native Turkeys of lran

Pages 77-82

omid dezfoliyan; Mohammad Javad Gharagozlou; Sadegh Rahbari; Saeed Bokaie